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Y the Alien
It's Y!.jpg
Y the Alien as he appears in Vigilante 8.






Vigilante 8 (as Y the Alien)
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense (as Garbage Man)
Vigilante 8: Arcade (as Y the Alien)


V8: Luxo Saucer
V8: 2nd Offense: Grubb Dual Loader
V8: Arcade: Saucer

Special Weapon:

V8: Blue Laser
V8: 2nd Offense: Compactor
V8: Arcade: Blue Laser


V8: None
V8: 2nd Offense: Drifter
V8: Arcade: Drifter

Y the Alien, or as he's known in Vigilante 8: 2nd OffenseGarbage Man, is a fictional character in the vehicle action series Vigilante 8.


Y is an alien who crash landed on Earth during the events of Vigilante 8. According to his Vigilante 8 quest, he had come into contact with Dave and was told about another alien who was captured and dissected, causing him to swear revenge. It's unknown what his purpose was, but some would argue that he just wanted to escape site-4, or perhaps rescue his fellow alien from the hands of the American government.

During the events of Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, Y went incognito under the alias Garbage Man. How he acquired his garbage truck is unknown, but with it, the newly identified Garbage Man stole garbage as far as Alaska all the way back to Florida. His actions drew the attention of the general public, along with the mysterious Astronaut Bob O., who seemed to want to take his "treasures." It turned out that he was stealing garbage to repair his spaceship.


Y the Alien configuring his spaceship to travel to his home planet in his ending in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense.

In his V8 ending, Y leaves his ship to acquire more fuel. During that time, Loki hijacks his UFO and crashes it after a few short moments. Y returns with the fuel in his hand only to discover his ship crashed into the ground, leaving him stranded on Earth.

In his V8: 2nd Offense ending, after stealing Astronaut Bob O's Moon Trekker, Garbage Man (Now revealed to be Y the Alien), is able to repair his damaged UFO, which he has been hiding in a trench deep in the mountains. However, Astronaut Bob O. tailed him back to his UFO and forced Y to take him along to his home planet.

Y the Alien does not have a quest in Vigilante 8: Arcade.

Vehicles & Statistics[]

In V8 and V8: Arcade, Y piloted the 1964 Luxo Saucer, the only vehicle capable of flight in the game. In V8, it had wonderful speed and decent armor, while in V8: Arcade, it had maximum top speed and acceleration, but had low radar evasion.

Vigilante 8 Statistics:[]

V8 Avoidance.png Avoidance: IIIII

The Grubb Dual Loader as it appears in V8: 2nd Offense.

Grubb Dual Loader - Dreamcast Version.png
Grubb Dual Loader (Hotrod) - Dreamcast Version.png

In V8: 2nd Offense, he drove a beat up Grubb Dual Loader garbage truck, a vehicle that lacked speed, but had great armor.

V82 Acceleration.png Acceleration: IIIIIIII
V82 Top Speed.png Top Speed: II
V82 Avoidance.png Avoidance: IIII

Vigilante 8: Arcade Statistics:[]

Strength: Good
Acceleration: Very Good
Top Speed: Very Good
Radar Evasion: Very Low

Special Weapons[]

In V8 and V8: Arcade, Y the Alien's Special Weapon was the Blue Laser, which was a laser gun mounted on top of his UFO that shot a blue-coated laser that dealt massive damage. It works very similar to Houston 3's Death Ray, but deals much more damage at the cost of targeting ability.

In V8: 2nd Offense, Garbage Man's Special Weapon was the Compactor, which has two different forms of attack, depending on the weight of the vehicle he uses it on. On heavy vehicles, the garbage truck's loading arms grab onto the opponent, slams them against the ground twice, then throws them away. On lighter vehicles (except Team FAST, randomly), the garbage truck's loading arms will grab the opponent and put them into the compactor, trapping them for a short amount of time as they are shaken and dismantled from inside the garbage truck. Afterwards, a hatch on the back of the truck opens up, and releases them. However, with normal-sized cars, the special can be varied using the special on the target's front/back to load them into the compactor, while hitting in from the side will slam the target.


Y the Alien- Arcade.jpg
  • In Vigilante 8, Y the Alien's skin color seems a light pink, but disguised as The Garbage Man, his hands and feet appear green.
  • In Vigilante 8, You are unable to fight Y the Alien in Arcade Mode, limiting him to only be faced in Versus Mode.
  • Via a glitch, if the rapid fire cheat is enabled and multiple specials are triggered at the same time, the loading arms rapidly spin 360 degrees, bisecting the garbage truck's body. In addition, if a special is successful against a heavy vehicle, the vehicle will also rapidly bisect the Garbage Truck.
  • According to his Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense bio, civilians have named him "The Recycler", due to his desperate, and sometimes violent, desire to collect scrap metal and electronics.
  • In both V8 and V8: Arcade, Y the Alien's vehicle has the best overall stats in the game.
  • Y the Alien is the only character to appear in all Vigilante 8 titles and appear as an unlockable character in two of the three titles (Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8: Arcade) (DLC does not count for "unlockable").
  • Y the Alien only has a quest in the N64 version of Vigilante 8.
  • In V8: Arcade, Y is wearing a baseball cap, a nod to his disguise in 2nd Offense.
  • The Grubb Dual Loader in 2nd Offense has "Roswell Sanitation" written on its mudflaps, hinting at the Garbage Man's true identity.
  • In the Japanese version of Vigilante 8 for the PlayStation, Y's dialogue remains unmodified and is still in English.
  • The "model year" of Y's original vehicle, the 1964 Luxo Saucer, is likely a reference to the Lonnie Zamora UFO sighting incident of 1964.
  • In one of Y's quotes in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, Y makes a reference to Johnny Paycheck's song "Take This Job and Shove It."


Vigilante 8:[]

  • "Let the invasion begin!"
  • "Don't hurt me, I come in peace!"
  • "Like that?"
  • "Guns!"
  • "Take me to your leader, earthling!"

2nd Offense:[]

  • "Time to make my round!"
  • "Resistance is not recommended!"
  • "You waste, I recycle!"
  • "Trash Day!"
  • "Recycle!"
  • "Garbage in, garbage out."
  • "Ah! Salvage! "
  • "One man's trash is... my garbage."
  • "My precious garbage! It's ruined!"
  • "I will return, on Tuesdays and Thursdays!"
  • "Take this job and shove it!"


  • "リサイクル!" (Recycle!)
  • "リサイクル!リサイクル!" (Recycle! Recycle!)
  • "トラッシュコー!" (Trash Co.!)


  • "Are you ready for destruction?"
  • "Ha ha, I sense a close encounter."
  • "Earthlings, prepare to be vaporized!"
  • "That hurt."
  • "Ow! My nebulas!"
  • "Probing time!"
  • "See? You are not alone!"