Convoy, the leader of the Vigilantes in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense

The Vigilantes are a faction that made their debut in Vigilante 8. The Vigilantes are the main protagonist group within the Vigilante 8 series. The group was created by Convoy to combat the Coyotes after Sid Burn, the leader of the Coyotes at the time, was paid by OMAR to destroy competing oil companies, thus creating the Auto Wars. Being the founder, Convoy himself is the leader of the Vigilantes. The Vigilante color is blue.


Vigilante 8:Edit

  • Leader: Convoy

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense:Edit

  • Sheila
  • John Torque

Vigilante 8: Arcade:Edit

  • Leader: Convoy
  • John Torque
  • Dave
  • Chassey Blue
  • Sheila (DLC)


  • John Torque, Convoy, and Sheila are the only three characters to remain on the Vigilante faction in all three Vigilante 8 installments.
  • Houston is listed as a Drifter in Vigilante 8 Arcade. However, she is not titled "Houston 3" as she was in the original Vigilante 8, and her appearance and vehicle are modeled after her character from 2nd Offense, where she is listed as a Vigilante.