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Vigilante 8 is as a series of video games centered around vehicular combat, originating in 1998 courtesy of Luxoflux Corp. The games were released by Activision Inc. across the US and Europe, while Syscom Entertainment Inc. handled the Japanese market.

The series was conceived as an offshoot stemming from the well-received PC game titled Interstate ‘76, tailored for home consoles. This game series places a more pronounced emphasis on fast-paced, arcade-style action gameplay, diverging from the simulation-oriented approach of its predecessor, Interstate ‘76.

Despite lacking any official ties to the Interstate ‘76 series, Vigilante 8 shares numerous akin elements, including factions of car-based vigilantes, a backdrop reminiscent of 1970s America, and an overarching narrative woven around the oil crisis that characterized the latter part of the 20th century. Subsequently, it saw the release of a sequel, Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense, in 1999, and later, a gentle reimagining named Vigilante 8: Arcade, in 2008.

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