Valley Farms is
Valley Farms

Valley Farms, as shown in Vigilante 8.

a playable stage set in a fictional location in the original Vigilante 8. The stage takes place in what appears to be a large plantation owned by a major fruit and vegetable manufacturing company. Structures within the stage include vineyards and bridges leading to them, fruit fields, windmills, silos, haybarrels, barns, water filters, and a few barns. Hazards in the stage include giant waves created when a certain water filter located far off in the stage is destroyed, which floods the streams of water used to supply the plants and silos that explode if the ventilation system is destroyed.

Secrets Edit

  • Two of the three barns have Wrenches, Special Weapon Crates and other Power-ups on the second floor that can be accessed by a small ramp in fron of them. The floor also provides a safe place againt most of the projectiles except some Specials like Dave's Invasion or Clyde's White Lightning.
  • Destroying the windmills will send the blades against the nearest enemy, dealing minimal damage.