Survival Mode is a Game Mode introduced in Vigilante 8 and was carried on to Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Survival Mode, as its name implies, involves the player choosing a vehicle and facing an unlimited amount of enemies until the player finally loses all of their health. Survival Mode does not benefit the player, nor does it play into the plot of Vigilante 8 in any way except the enjoyment of racking up points and knowing a player's skill level.


  • Survival Mode can still be played even if the player has the Cheat Code for invincibility active, they just won't be able to ever complete the mode.
  • In PSX version of Vigilante 8, this mode was removed
  • In Vigilante 8 Second Offense, getting a good enough score will show the cheat codes to the player, usable by pressing L1+R1 in the options and select the option where the character's bios are viewable.
  • Salvage Points aren't normally dropped by enemies in this mode unlike the others. Instead, any totaled enemy will drop a Wrench, facilitating health recovery.