Ski Resort (Original)

The Original Ski Resort as shown in the Playstation version of Vigilante 8.

The Ski Resort (Original) is a fictional setting within the Rocky Mountains that made its debut in the original Vigilante 8. The Resort is a mountainous and snow-covered plain located in a presumably isolated part of Colorado. The area is rather vast in area compared to the other stages, so exploration and knowledge of the area is key to survival. The area includes structures such as  A large ski lodge with neighboring cabins, event flags for what looks to be a skiing competition, snow blowers, hang gliders, a parking lot behind the lodge and a vast amount of evergreen trees placed throughout the stage. The most prevalent hazard to the stage is a giant avalanche that will occur if the player chooses to destroy a fixed amount of evergreen trees in one area.


  • While not officially stated, The Ski Resort stage, in part, is the only stage to appear in all three Vigilante 8 titles, with the stage Winter Games in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense only being an eerily similar version of the original level.