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A collectible Salvage Point in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense.

Salvage Points are collectible symbols that made their debut in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. When enough Salvage Points are collected, new parts will permanently be added to an individual character's vehicle. These points are divided into four types: max speed, armor, acceleration, and avoidance; in which each type has their own gauge located to the right of each character's vehicle's stats that range from zero to one hundred, depending on the amount of Salvage Points collected. After collecting fifty points worth of Salvage Points, depending on the type, a new part regarding the type will permanently be added to a character's vehicle. Maxing out every type of Salvage Point will transform a character's vehicle into their Hot Rod appearance.

Vigilante 8: Arcade[]

The Salvage Point icon in Vigilante 8: Arcade.

The Salvage Point system in Vigilante 8: Arcade differs from both of its predecessors. The player uses Salvage Points to upgrade the statistics of an individual character's vehicle (though only the Strength stat). The player must collect 200 Salvage Points to fully upgrade a vehicle's statistics; simply destroying an opponent will give out five Salvage Points, while totaling the opponent will give out ten Salvage Points. Also new to the Vigilante 8 series, successfully executing Whammies will now give out Salvage Points to the player.


  • A vehicle that has been simply destroyed (letting the opponent explode on their own) provides one Salvage Point, while a totaled vehicle (using a Special Weapon or dial-up combo) provides three Salvage Points.
  • The type of Salvage Point that bursts from a destroyed vehicle depends on the destroyed vehicle's superior statistic. For example, John Torque's best statistic is acceleration, so the acceleration type Salvage Point will pop out of his vehicle once he is destroyed.
    • Unfortunately, no character's vehicle has top speed as a superior statistic, limiting the player to only destroying the opponent for the slight chance that a top speed Salvage Point pops out.
  • Getting fifty points in the top speed category will not give a vehicle a new part, but instead will make their wheels bigger.
  • The amount of points each Salvage Point is worth depends on the difficulty settings of the game, ranging from three to ten points per Salvage Point.