Roadkill Mines
Roadkill Mines are a weapon found in each Vigilante 8 title. They are typically placed to the back of the equipped vehicle, and have six rounds to begin with. When used, the player places a mine behind them and the mine stays in place until touched, whether it be an opponent or the player who set it down. They not only damage a vehicle, but also flatten their tires for a few moments, making traction difficult. In Vigilante 8: Arcade, the Roadkill Mines also boost the victim into the air, almost inevitably flipping them over.



The Mines icon in Vigilante 8: Arcade.

Bear Hug Cactus Patch Hover Mines
← → ↓ (Trigger) ← → ↑ (Trigger) ← → → (Trigger)
Cost: 2 Rounds Cost: 1-6 Rounds Cost: 2 Rounds

Strategic Uses Edit

In Launch Site, a sound strategy for Roadkill Mines is to use them if you are transported from the side entrance. As enemies will generally tend to go transported from the side entrance after they drown in the open water or enter under the launch tower with two blinking red lights, they will be directed right over the mine and be severely damaged or, sometimes destroyed. Remember, however, that Roadkill Mines are one-time-use and until being re-armed it will leave an undefended gap in the area after you or an enemy has touched it.