Hoover Dam (Original) is
Hoover Dam (Original)

The original Hoover Dam stage as it appears in Vigilante 8.

a playable stage in a non-fictional part of the Arizona-Nevada border that appears in the original Vigilante 8, and was later remade in Vigilante 8: Arcade. The stage consists of a parodied version of the actual Hoover Dam created specifically for the game. Structures found within the game's version include the dam itself, housing facilities built on top of it, electrical generators and reactors, mountain roads, radio towers, accessible sewage pipes, and a small trench that provides water for the state opposite the dam. Hazards in the stage include a crank found above the mouth of the water trench, that when turned (by shooting it) creates an electric current that runs through the trench and shocks any vehicle within it, and a set of energized transformers.


  • The sewage pipes found within the out-stretched water trench can be accessed to warp the player out of the other side of the pipe, which isn't very far off.
  • The housing facilities on top of the dam hide Special and Random Weapon Crates behind them.
  • Supply banks found near the accessible sewage pipes, when destroyed, reveal hidden Special Weapon Crates.