Loki in the Garage stage.

Garage is a stage that makes its debut in Vigilante 8: Arcade. It is only available through download off of Xbox LIVE through the High Octane Pack. Garage is a stage that is based on a normal garage through the perspective of insects or rodents. Structures within the stage include a car, shelves, a garage door, tools, and any other items typically found in a garage. Hazards within the stage include mousetraps, which snap down on anyone that it comes into contact with, and flammable onjects located on the shelves located throughout the level.


  • At the very top of the column of shelves is a vent system that is accessible through weapon-fire. Within the vents, the player can find Wrenches, Special Weapon Crates and Power-Ups.
  • Located near the spawning point at the eastern part of the stage is an accessible mousehole that transports the player to the top level of the column of shelves.


  • The car located in the middle of the stage is an exact replica of Chassey Blue's in-game vehicle.
  • On the walls within the stage, the player can sometimes see posters of the original Vigilante 8.
  • On certain merchandise on each shelf, the player can make out the word 'Isopod', which is reference to Isopod Labs, the developers of Vigilante 8: Arcade.