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Beezwax- Arcade
Beezwax as he appears in Vigilante 8: Arcade






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Vigilante 8: Arcade


Stag Pickup

Special Weapon:

Gamma Swarm



Beezwax is a fictional character in the vehicle action series Vigilante 8.


Beezwax is a disgruntled bee keeper who discovered that his bees had become irradiated. Who or what is responsible for this hasn't been revealed, but it had caused him to go insane. He disliked "city slickers," and did whatever he could to keep them off his land. He joined the Coyotes to show the world how dangerous he was and thus was deemed wanted by the FBI.


Beezwax's Buzzkill

Beezwax staring at one of his bees landing on a nuclear bomb in his ending in Vigilante 8.

In his V8 ending, Beezwax appears to subdue his pursuers as he showcases his prize: three stolen nuke warheads, which he looks at with pride. All of a sudden, one of his bees land on one of the bombs and stings it, causing it to explode, killing Beezwax.

In his Vigilante 8: Arcade ending, Beezwax, with the help of an ancient Indian treasure map, finds the lost land of Honeycomb Meadow.

Vehicle & Statistics[]

Stag Pickup

The Stag Pickup, as it appears in Vigilante 8.

In V8, Beezwax drove the 1970 Stag Pickup with a camper shell. The car lacked speed, but was decently armored.

V8 Top Speed Top Speed: IIIIIII
V8 Avoidance Avoidance: IIIIIIIIIIII

Beezwax Vehicle- Arcade

The Stag Pickup, as it appears in Vigilante 8: Arcade.

In V8: Arcade, Beezwax drives the 1969 Stag Pickup, a vehicle that looks identical to his original vehicle, except with a rusted down appearance. It has good radar evasion, but bad top speed.

Strength: Low
Acceleration: Average
Top Speed: Very Low
Radar Evasion: Very Good

Special Weapon[]

In V8, Beezwax's Special Weapon was the Gamma Swarm, where he sent his bees after the nearest car. The attack popped them up in the air and damaged them.

In V8: Arcade, Beezwax's Special Weapon was the Mutant Swarm, which is almost identical to his original Special Weapon, except it does not knock the opponent's vehicle into the air.


  • In Vigilante 8: Arcade, it's stated that Beezwax is from Arizona, is in search for sagauro honey, and his favorite drink is fermented agave juice.


Vigilante 8:[]

  • "Gonna sting ya real good!"
  • "Swarm!"
  • "Vengeance!"
  • "The swarm is supreme! Go home, city slicker."
  • "Nooooo!  The hive must survive!"
  • "Burned your ass!"


  • "Oh, it's time to pollinate!"
  • "Behold! The flight of the bumblebee!"
  • "Ohoho! Watch the buzz-zz-zz-zz-es."
  • "The hive reigns supreme! Hehehe!"
  • "Swarm!"
  • "How's that nectar tastin'?"
  • "Ye-ah! Feel the sting!"
  • "Hu-haah! Buzz-er off!"