Alaskan Pipeline Cover

The cover photo for the Alaskan Pipeline Stage.

The Alaskan Pipeline is a stage that made its debut in Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense. Located in Southern Alaska, the Alaskan Pipeline is an oil refinery with snow covering the majority of the stage. The refinery is vehicle accessible and can be used to locate to other areas of the stage. Other structures within the stage include steel mills with accessible ramps and bridges, a fraction of a majority of water that is accessible with the Aqua Jets, that also has a killer whale that will attack the player, and oil ponds that cause the player's vehicle to slow down, and if a weapon is shot at the pond, a spark of fire will follow the player and burn him on contact.


  • Alaskan Pipeline Roam

    A screenshot of gameplay within the Alskan Pipeline stage.

    A certain area in the stage near the refinery has an uphill surface that holds two Special Weapon Crates.
  • Pipes located throughout the stage can be accessible via the refinery, which randomly warps an opponent out the end of a certain pipe throughout the stage, rewarding the player with either a Wrench, Special Weapon Crate, or nothing.
  • Located in the water section of the stage, behind a certain concealed iceberg to the very right end of the stage, are two Wrenches and occasionally a Special Weapon Crate.
  • The iceberg can be broken into three smaller pieces, revealing a Power-up, Special Weapon Crate or a standard weapon inside. However, if one of the smaller pieces is broken too, the item will disappear. The iceberg spawns continuously, thus providing an infinite source of items.