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Below are a list of Achievements available to complete in Vigilante 8: Arcade.

Achievement Listing[]

Learner's Permit.jpg Learner's Permit Total Pro.jpg Total Pro
Defeat any vehicle in any mode. Destroy 100 cars by 'totaling' them.
Charge-Up Trainee.jpg Charge-Up Trainee Alien Contact.jpg Alien Contact
Fire 10 Charge-Up Attacks. Collect all 100 'Alien' icons in single player to unlock a secret craft.
Whammy Master.jpg Whammy Master Quest Super Unleaded.jpg Quest: Super Unleaded
Achieve 100 Whammies. Complete single player Quest Mode on Medium mode.
Grease Monkey.jpg Grease Monkey King O' Online.jpg King O' Online
Collect enough Salvage Points to fully upgrade one vehicle. Win 10 online multiplayer battles.
Quest Unleaded.jpg Quest: Unleaded Quest High Octane.jpg Quest: High Octane
Complete single player Quest Mode on Easy mode. Complete single player Quest Mode on Hard mode.
Charge-Up Pro.jpg Charge-Up Pro Top Mechanic.jpg Top Mechanic
Fire 100 Charge-Up Attacks. Collect enough Salvage Points to fully upgrade all eight vehicles.


  • The Achievements regarding Quest Mode require the player to complete Quest Mode with every character on set difficulty.
  • There are 20 'Alien' icons in each stage in Vigilante 8: Arcade. To acquire these icons, the player must destroy certain destructible objects to uncover the icons.
  • The Achievements regarding the Charge-Up Attacks can also be completed with the direction-set combo moves used in Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense.